•  Realization of geographical information systems

3) To organize the engineering data

To implement organizational procedures, taking into account the diversity of the data, the scales and the applications.
For each subject, the stages of the cycle of life of the data are specified: data model, seizure, control, integration, update, metadata…


Examples of intervention

Reference data:  register, image, topography, addresses
   - Digitalization of the cadastral map (convention DGI)
- Compression of orthophotos aeriala (IGN)

Data Infrastructure:  POS/PLU, roadway system, networks, inheritance, waste, transport, zones of activity, SPANC…
   - Drafting of specifications (LIKED, roadway system, networks) 
- departmental Roadmap
   - Data control "networks"
   - Cataloguing of metadata…



Source : Cadastre DGI / INATER