aRealization of geographical information systems: examples of references


The experiment in the realization of SIG began in 1993 with the design and the implementation from departmental operation SIG 56 (1993-2002) for the General Council from Morbihan;this operation which related to 251 communes had been considered to be exemplary by the National Council of Geographical Information.


The general Councils (since 2000)

The General Council of Finistère (2000-2004 and 2005-2008)
Since 2002, in support of the Company of Adjustment of Finistère, deployment of the departmental SIG (the General Council, State, 26 EPCI, partners).

The General Council of Ille and Vilaine (2002)

Publicly-owned establishments of inter-commune co-operation (since 2003)

76:Agglomeration of Le Havre;27:   Agglomeration of Evreux

29:Quimper the Community, Country of MORLAIX, Fouesnantais Country, Léonard Country
44:Area of NOZAY, the Loire Divatte
Island of the Meeting:CCSUD, CIREST

Trade unions and communes (between 1997 and 2004)

Many communities equipped between 1997 and 2004  

Associations and contributions

* AFIGEO (French Association of Geographical Information) and CNIG (the National Council of Geographical Information):Participation in work of the commissions.

Design and piloting of work of recommendations in the field of the data exchanges applied to networks (OTV:Observatory of Telecommunications in the City) .

* Various contributions 
- Participation in demonstrations:"GEOEVENEMENT", IMAR  
- Conference for the Province of the HENAN (China) 
- Drafting of articles IAURIF - "SIG to associate and decide" - 30 French experiments (June 2001)

* Member of the board of directors of the Country of Vannes
* Member of the Trade association of the Independent Consultants in GIS